Apr 1, 2012

A ~ Australian story

Australian Story by Tania McCartney

This year me and my sister are participating in the A~Z blogging challenge! the book I'm doing today is Australian Story written by Tania McCartney, a book about Australia history. 

This is a fact book about, well just about everything, and  it starts from when there was nothing (before the big bang) to Julia Gillard our first female prime minister. It is a very good information book for my age group and younger. I came across this non~fiction book at a book launch at the Black Cat Cafe. I even managed to get the book singed by the author Tania McCartney. At this book launch Tania read the story out to all the people there, and, during the story she gave out little figurines, wigs, fake money and some other things that match the story. I got to hold the first mobile phone (even though this one was fake). After the story she asked us to all line up in the order of when things first came out in Australia. At the event there were some authors my sister and I have blogged about like...

Angela Sunde who wrote Pond Magic
Sheryl Gwyther who wrote Secrets Of Eromanga

There were lots more but we haven't gotten around to blogging about their books yet.
I really enjoyed this history book, it is small and can be read easily (which is good).

I rate this book out of five paper dolls...

~ Tilly

Today I have a dinosaur paper doll representing the dinosaur ages, a part of history...

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