Mar 25, 2012

Zombie Queen of Newbury High

Reviewed by Milly 14 yrs. old - Book Reviewer and Sometimes Baker
Zombie Queen of Newbury High by Amanda Ashby is about a young girl called Mia who will do Anything for love. Including turn her schoolmates into Zombies.
Quiet, unpopular, Sci-fi fan Mia Everett was surprised when hot, footy player Rob Ziggerman asked her to the prom. But, despite the 6 dates to prove it was official, Samantha had to ruin things by wearing low cut tops, expensive shoes, being... well the most popular girl in school and trying to steal her boyfriend. What she didn't know is Mia is clever and has a best friend with connections.
Unfortunately, Mia didn't realise a harmless love spell could end up becoming a deadly spell called Viral Zombaticus which translates to Zombie Virus. Doing the spell turns her into the Zombie Queen. As fun as it is receiving food and having everyone bow down to her, her popularity is short lived as the new boy in her her class tells her being a Zombie Queen also means she's first on the menu. With the help of her hypochondriac best friend, Candice, and the mysterious new boy named Chase Miller (who also happens to be a Zombie hunter hottie), they must race against the clock to try and stop her classmates from turning into brainless flesh-eaters.
I rate this funny, Zombie, romance novel out of 5 paper dolls:
This week I have decide to cook something nice and easy:
Sweet Blue-chilli sauce
Blueberry Jam
Sweet Chilli Sauce
Small microwaveable bowl
Step1: fill half the bowl with Blueberry Jam.
Step2: add sweet chilli sauce (amount deepens on how hot you like it).
Step3: put bowl in microwave of approximately 10 sec. (or until warm).
Step4: stir and surve (great with seafood).
Who wouldn't love a Zombie story? If you're a fan of zombies and comedy put together, than I also recommend My Zombie dog by Charmaine Clancy. Ok, it's my mum's book, this is the trailer I made for My Zombie Dog:

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