Apr 28, 2011


Reviewed by Tilly 9yrs tween book Reviewer and Sometimes Writer.

Bunnicula is a book about a dog named Harold, a bunny named Bunnicula and a cat named Chester.

About the main characters...
Harold - Dog, dumb and likes to go into Toby's (one of his owners) bedroom.

Bunnicula -  Vampire bunny who looks adorable, was found at picture theatre (during the movie Dracula of course). Also sleeps at day and is awake at  night.

Chester - Cat who likes to read and probably is the only one in that house who can answer Harold's  dumb questions (also enjoys insulting Harold a lot).

There are 3 books in the audiobook collection of Bunnicula. The 1st one is called Bunnicula, once the family finds and adopts this bunny, Chester suspects he is a vampire! Chester tries all sorts of ways to get rid of Bunnicular (even a stake/steak through the heart!). The 2nd is Howliday Inn, Chester and Harold are sent to a boarding kennel for pets, while they're there a poodle goes missing and Chester suspects she's dead. There's a mystery to solve. The 3rd book is The Celery Stalks at Midnight, in this book, it's Bunnicula that goes missing and there might be evil vegetables! The books all have an editors note which is quite weird to me, I've never seen this before, the editor tells how he got the books from Harold (the dog).

Bunnicula is an average  bunny? but he's a vampire. So he's an average vampire except he doesn't drink blood he drinks VEGETABLES!
Harold is a typical dog? but  he can write (and he loves chocolate cupcakes with a cream middle).
And Chester is an average cat? but Chester is smart and he can read.

These stories are kind of horror stories (but not too scary) and funny at the same time. 

I really like these books especially the the second book, Howliday Inn but they are all good. 

The cover at the top is for the book for the first story, the other two are:

I rate this book... 

Apr 25, 2011


Reviewed by Milly 13 yrs. old - Teen Book Reviewer and Sometimes Baker
Good Omens by Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman is a story about the birth of the anti-christ and his destiny to destroy the world. But things never go as planned. Because two unlikely best friends (an angel with a slightly unorthodox approach and a devil with a soft spot for humanity) try to save the world (they like the world just the way it is and don't want it to end... yet). But what if the only person that can save all mankind is the anti-christ himself? Does he want to be the anti-christ, did anyone ask him?
As I mentioned on my previous blog Terry Pratchett's books are a bit weird, and it does take some time to get used to them. They do get less confusing as you go on. It is worth the effort! A lot of people comment that this is like reading Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. I think the humour is similar, and both are about the impending doom of the earth, but this one has very different characters. My favourite character in this book is Crawly, a demon with a wicked sense of humour. But there are so many great characters in this book, you will love them all.
This is a funny, real-funny fantasy that I think anyone would enjoy. It's my mum's favourite Terry Pratchett story. In Australia we have this edition with a two sided cover, you can have it black or white, depending if you are cheering for good or evil.
I rate this book out of 5 paper dolls:

Apr 22, 2011

How to be a pirate

Reviwed by Tilly 9yrs. old - Tween Book Reviewer and Sometimes Writer.

How to be a Pirate is about a boy called Hicup Horendess Hadock the III. In this book Hicup has to get a treasure and return back to Berk with the rest of the Tribe. But, on the way he has to find out who's the surprise guest at Berk and if Hicup's Great Grandfather is the body in the coffin they find at the Pirate training program. At first Hicup has a little trouble with his sword fighting but soon he figures out what's wrong. I'll let you work that one out.

This time the Tribe gets attacked on the way home, losing their boat 'The Lucky 13' as it catches on fire (this boat dosen't sound that lucky). Hicup gets left on the boat and this leads him to more problems, of course, involving dragons. So, will Hicup and Fishlegs find the treasure? I'll let you find out.

How to be a Pirate is the 2nd book in the How to Train your Dragon series.

I rate this book...

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Apr 16, 2011


Reviewed by Milly 13 yrs. old - Teen Book Reviewer and Sometimes Baker
Only You Can Save Mankind by Terry Pratchett is a exciting book about a kid who gets contacted by aliens through a video game, and he has to save them!
At first Johnny thinks the aliens speaking to him is just part of the game, but they just won't stop telling him they surrender - the aliens in games are not supposed to surrender. Johnny tries to help them get out of the game so they can go back to their own planet, without getting them all killed. It's not an easy task, because other people are still playing the game and trying to kill them. It's a popular game, so there's a lot of players attacking these guys.
This book is the first book in a series called Johnny Maxwell Trilogy, the names of Terry Pratchett's other books in the series are:
Johnny and the Dead
Johnny and the Bomb
I din't read this book... because I listened to it on audible! The reader was very good at sounding like the character. I agree with my sister that it is important that the reader sounds good because if he or she doesn't then it will wreck the story.
I think this was a fun book to read and it was good. The thing that I love about it is how it is not confusing like some of his other books (although they are still fun). If you like science-fiction and energetic, funny stories, give this a go!
I score this book out of 5 paper dolls:
This Sunday, my mum and I, are going to see Terry Pratchett & Garth Nix talk about writing at the Sydney Opera House! I am soo exited! Here's where we'll be:

Apr 14, 2011

How to Speak Dragonese

Reviewed by Tilly 9yrs. old - Tween Book Reviewer and Sometimes Writer

How to Speak Dragonese is the 3rd book in the How To Train your Dragon series. 

The How Train your Dragon series is about a boy called Hicup Horendess Hadock the III. In book one he must use his special skill of speaking Dragonese to convince everyone that he can do good. His village and family are all Vikings and they think he is useless at it. They even think his dragon, Toothless, is useless.  I've already reviewed How to Train Your Dragon, but I liked it so much I had to get the other books.

I listened to this book as an audiobook and the reader was so good at playing the characters in this book. The voice of the reader can make an audiobook great or boring, this one was definitely great.

In How to Speak Dragonese Hicup is in the Pirate Training Program, but, while trying to complete one of the challenges (to find a peaceful fisherman and steal his helmet), Hicup and his friend Fishlegs find a Roman ship and Hicup's dragon Toothless gets kidnapped.

It's up to Hicup to save his small Dragon. On the way he mets a girl called Camaracarze who talks way to much, but is good at sword fighting.  Hicup and his friends must overcome his enemy, Alvin The Treacherous to save Toothless.

This is a fantasy story with Vikings, Pirates and dragons. There is lots of adventure and action in this story, plus it's very funny. These books would be good for anyone, my older sister and my mum both like them too.

I rate this book...

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