Apr 15, 2012


Reviewed by Milly, 12yrs. old - Teen Book Reviewer and Sometimes Baker
Here is an old favourite i decided to re-blog!
Malice by Chris Wooding, is a horrifying book about a world that exsits inside a scary comic book. To get there you have to do the ritual and call on 'Tall Jake'. Two kids called Kady and Seth do not believe these rumours about this strange land until their friend goes missing.
This is the scariest book I have ever read, especially the first chapter when a boy performs the ritual, the lights go out and you just know 'Tall Jake' is coming. Even though I had nightmares about it, my friends are still fighting over who will read it next.
What I like most about this book is it is a great book for kids that don't like to read much and for the classroom. Even though it looks like a thick book it is half comic/half novel and both boys and girls will enjoy it.
The other really cool thing about this book is it has a 3D front cover. It looks like Tall Jake is coming out of the book to get you!
You'd think I wouldn't want to read any other scary books after having nightmares after readingMalice, but no, I can't wait to read another scary book!
I rate this book out of five:
iI am putting this recipe back up for those who loved it and for those who haven't seen them before I call them 'Uglies':
For this recipe you just use your favourite chocolate cupcake recipe (or you can use a packet mix) and add pink and white mini-marshmellows and white chocolate chips. Top with chocolate icing. They don't look very pretty, but boy do they taste good!

Apr 13, 2012

Kasper Prince of Cats

Reviewed by Tilly 9yrs. old - Tween Book Reviewer and Sometimes Writer
I reposted this review, because I had no other book for K!
I got Kaspar Prince of Cats from Santa for Christmas. It's about a boy called Johnny Trott. Johnny meets Countess Kanasky and her Cat Kaspar. The Countess treats Johnny like his dream Mother. But one day the Countess dies and the Stanton's came to collect the Countess' stuff. That's when Johnny meets Lizziebeth fromAmerica and saves her life, then they become friends. The Stantons and Johnny go to America on the Titanic, the fastest and the biggest ship in the world. The story covers Johnny's friendship with Kaspar from the first time he met the cat to the trip on the Titanic. I liked Kaspar Prince of Cats a little. I liked Kaspar the character, but I found the story a bit slow. I rate this Book out of 5...
Today I have a cat Paper Doll.Hope you enjoy!

J~Jasper Jones

Reviewed by Milly 14 yrs. old - Book Reviewer and Sometimes Baker
Jasper Jones by Craig Silvey is about a Charlie who is startled in the middle of the night by rebel, Jasper Jones.
Charlie is a smart boy, but he doesn't have many friends, so when Jasper comes to his house he is surprised that he knows Charlie's name, let alone where he lives. Jasper takes him out of town and he starts to worry this is a bad idea. It's too late to leave now, Charlie doesn't know his way back. They go through a clearing and Charlie is horrified to see a girl from his class hanging from a rope, cold dead! He is even more shocked to see it is... Ha! You really think i'd tell who the girl is? I guess you will just have to read the book. It takes Jasper to point out the surroundings for him to realise it isn't a suicide. It was Murder!
This scary murder mystery is a brilliant story but it is a little bit to crude for my taste. If you can overlook the constant bad language and rude bits, you'd enjoy it.
I rate it out of 5 paper dolls:

L~Looking Glass Wars

Reviewed by Milly 13 yrs. old - Book Reviewer and Sometimes Baker
I have decided to go back in time and ether remind you or show you for the first time an exiting read. Enjoy!
The Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor is a book about a girl named Alice, who lives in Wonderland (Oh! I almost forgot, she isn't any ordinary girl, she's a princess!). But on her 7th birthday her aunt, Red, attacked the Queendom! In all the massacre, Red killed Alice's mum & dad and tried to kill Alice!
Luckily the Hatter got her safely to the pool of tears. She had been wishing for an adventure for her birthday, she certainly got what she wished for as she jumped into the pool of tears and came out to a whole new place called London. Meanwhile the Hatter was in a place called Paris. Not knowing were Alice was he searched the whole country for her and would search the hole world for her if he had to so she can fulfil her destiny and kill Red!
There are more problems - Alice is adopted and is told that what she says about Wonderland is nonsense, she finally believed her new family and forgot all about her aunt & Wonderland. Now she is 20 and going tho marry a prince! Will she remember who she is in time to go back and save Wonderland?
Sound slightly familiar? This story is like a reversal of Alice in Wonderland. But there are many differences - it's much darker. This excellent book is a book that was chosen by the book club I go to so I do have to thank them because otherwise I would have never read it!
This is a wonderful book and I give it out of 5 paper dolls :
This is a great book but a warning to my followers that are a bit squeamish this book has a lot of gore and is NOT a little kids book.

Apr 12, 2012

I~Imaginary Boys

Imaginary Boys by Carlos Lopez Bermudez
Reviewed by Milly 14 yrs. old - Book Reviewer and Sometimes Baker
Imaginary Boys by Carlos Lopez Bermudez is actually a comic that I bought of comiXology (an app for iPad or iPhone).
When you die, you go to a weird place called the Crossroads where you will find a guy who has been sentenced to write the directions to heaven and hell in his own blood.
When 9 year old Elise Dawn dies, she finds herself in another world. She is told she has a choice between Heaven and Hell, but, she decides to take a long dangerous road to another place all together. This is a hard road to take because it is full of demons who want to take her soul.
This is an awesome horror and i give it out of 5 paper dolls:

Apr 9, 2012


Reviewed by Tilly 10 yrs. old book reviewer.
 Hamlet written by Shakespeare and put into a graphic novel by Nicki Greenberg.

We all know the famous play writer William Shakespeare and the plays he wrote a long time ago like... Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, A Midsummers Night Dream, Julius Caesar and also Hamlet. Today I'm going to review Nicki Greenberg's graphic novel of Hamlet. 

Hamlet's done in pictures (as you know, graphic novels are like that) but these pictures are done differently than you would expect like the creatures in here aren't human and are some little black things {I have no way of explaining them - but I like them}. If you don't read much Shakespeare {like myself, I have only seen the movie of Romeo and Juliet} and want to read a graphic novel or just one Shakespeare play {or book}, this is a pretty easy read. It is a big book, but mostly pictures. Plus this is a long play, so you expect it to be big.

I recommend Hamlet because it's a quick read but a tiny bit hard because every Shakespeare book or play has different words like 'thou' and lots more other words not in our vocabulary. Also WARNING I DO NOT RECOMMEND FOR CHILDREN YOUNGER THAN MY AGE unless they don't mind death. It is a little gruesome. I loved it so much I watched the movie afterwards. That was good too. I also got my family to act out my favourite scene - the last one.

I rate this out of 5 paper dolls...

Todays Paper Doll is of Hamlet and colour it in yourself...

Apr 7, 2012

G~Glass Houses

Reviewed by Milly 14 yrs. old - Book Reviewer and Sometimes Baker
Glass Houses by Rachel Caine, "On the day Claire became a member of the Glass House, somebody stole her laundry".
It wasn't easy being smart for Claire. She's teased all the time. That's why she decided to move out of her school dorm and into the Glass House. But as soon as she moves in she knows they're hiding something. She never thought they would be hiding something as big as, well... VAMPIRES. Not wanna-be vampires, but real vampires with real fangs and real enemies. She has to try and save her friends from the evil after them.
This fast-paced horror is a good read. I rate this out of 5 paper dolls:

Apr 6, 2012

F~Fairy Bad Day

Reviewed by Milly 14 yrs. old - Book Reviewer and Sometimes Baker
Fairy Bad Day by Amanda Ashby is about a world where elements (dragons, goblins, demons, etc.) exists and terrorize mankind.
Emma Jones has a dream, her dreams to get a position as a Dragon Slayer and follow in her mothers footsteps. But, annoying, sorta hot Curtis Green ruins all that by accepting the position as Dragon Slayer, leaving her with the very first person to be titled Fairy Slayer. As she has to face humiliation by her fellow classmates, now she nit only is a singed to be partners with her nemesis, but, because of her ingery from an explosion in the mall during a fairy hunt, she has to stay back with Curtis while the rest of the school goes on an excursion to defeat an army of d
emons. During this unfortunate occurrence, she and her new little buddy (hint of sarcasm inserted here) find out that something big is coming and it an't pretty.
One of the reasons I like this book is that it z I rate this book out of 5 paper dolls:

Apr 5, 2012

E~Early to Death Early to Rise

Reviewed by Milly 14 yrs. old - Book Reviewer and Sometimes Baker
Early to Death Early to Rise by Kim Harrison is actually the 2nd book to Once Dead Twice Shy which is about a young teen who has died and stolen the amulet of the Dark Time Keeper. Steeling the amulet makes her almost alive again, she just never eats. She has to work out a way to stop the angel from trying to kill her (again) and take back his amulet.
Early to Death Early to Rise continues on from that story. She is now the Dark Time Keeper and has to try to change her evil angel followers from the inside, with help of course from her friends, human, Josh, twice fallen angel, Barnabis and Dark Reaper, Nakita. These three unlikely friends help her to change the Dark Reapers ways and save people who make the wrong choice in life.
This exiting trilogy (yes I said trilogy, I'm saving the next book for later) is awesome and a hilarious read I rate this out of 5 paper dolls:

Apr 4, 2012


Reviewed by Milly 14 yrs. old - Book Reviewer and Sometimes Baker
DUFF: Designated Ugly Fat Friend by Kody Keplinger. The main character, Bianca, is a teen going through the usual difficulties such as self-doubt, insecurity, boys and bullying. But on top of this, she has to deal with her mother abandoning her and her father's alcoholism.
Bianca, has two beautiful, skinny, blonde, popular friends named Casey and Jessica. As much as she loves them they are a little bit of a wild child, so it's her job to pull them to earth. At one of their teen parties she bumps into this ignorant, disgusting, mean but maybe a little hot boy that, also happens to be her arch enemy and decides to share a cherry coke, with his face. The day after the 'accidental' coke spill she is forced to do an assignment with the boy she hates. During the book she realises that using this boy to forget her problems isn't a good idea. Especially when her crush asks her out. Who will she pick.
One of the things I like about this story is the way it addresses teenage issues like self-image, peer pressure and teen sexuality.
This is a funny romance (even though I hate romances, this book is amazing) and I rate it out of 5 paper dolls:
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