Apr 9, 2012


Reviewed by Tilly 10 yrs. old book reviewer.
 Hamlet written by Shakespeare and put into a graphic novel by Nicki Greenberg.

We all know the famous play writer William Shakespeare and the plays he wrote a long time ago like... Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, A Midsummers Night Dream, Julius Caesar and also Hamlet. Today I'm going to review Nicki Greenberg's graphic novel of Hamlet. 

Hamlet's done in pictures (as you know, graphic novels are like that) but these pictures are done differently than you would expect like the creatures in here aren't human and are some little black things {I have no way of explaining them - but I like them}. If you don't read much Shakespeare {like myself, I have only seen the movie of Romeo and Juliet} and want to read a graphic novel or just one Shakespeare play {or book}, this is a pretty easy read. It is a big book, but mostly pictures. Plus this is a long play, so you expect it to be big.

I recommend Hamlet because it's a quick read but a tiny bit hard because every Shakespeare book or play has different words like 'thou' and lots more other words not in our vocabulary. Also WARNING I DO NOT RECOMMEND FOR CHILDREN YOUNGER THAN MY AGE unless they don't mind death. It is a little gruesome. I loved it so much I watched the movie afterwards. That was good too. I also got my family to act out my favourite scene - the last one.

I rate this out of 5 paper dolls...

Todays Paper Doll is of Hamlet and colour it in yourself...

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