Apr 15, 2012


Reviewed by Milly, 12yrs. old - Teen Book Reviewer and Sometimes Baker
Here is an old favourite i decided to re-blog!
Malice by Chris Wooding, is a horrifying book about a world that exsits inside a scary comic book. To get there you have to do the ritual and call on 'Tall Jake'. Two kids called Kady and Seth do not believe these rumours about this strange land until their friend goes missing.
This is the scariest book I have ever read, especially the first chapter when a boy performs the ritual, the lights go out and you just know 'Tall Jake' is coming. Even though I had nightmares about it, my friends are still fighting over who will read it next.
What I like most about this book is it is a great book for kids that don't like to read much and for the classroom. Even though it looks like a thick book it is half comic/half novel and both boys and girls will enjoy it.
The other really cool thing about this book is it has a 3D front cover. It looks like Tall Jake is coming out of the book to get you!
You'd think I wouldn't want to read any other scary books after having nightmares after readingMalice, but no, I can't wait to read another scary book!
I rate this book out of five:
iI am putting this recipe back up for those who loved it and for those who haven't seen them before I call them 'Uglies':
For this recipe you just use your favourite chocolate cupcake recipe (or you can use a packet mix) and add pink and white mini-marshmellows and white chocolate chips. Top with chocolate icing. They don't look very pretty, but boy do they taste good!

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