Apr 3, 2012

C~Catching Fire

Catching Fire ~ the second book in The Hunger Games written by Suzanne Collins

Warning, this review may contain spoilers for the 1st book The Hunger Games.
Catching Fire is about a girl called Katniss Eveerdeen. She lives with her sister Prim and her mother (her father died in a mine accident in their district, district 12 of Panem). Katniss takes care of her family now that her father is dead and her mother has gone into a deep depression. For 76 years there has been The Hunger Games, where 23 kids aged 12 to 18 died. Katniss knows because she was in the 75th Hunger Games. 

There used to be 13 districts and the Capitol. The Capitol was rich as they got as much food as they wanted. District 13 complained about the unfairness of the way the food all went to the Capitol and they got left with almost nothing. They started an uprise against the Capital, but the Capitol fought back and after that the entire district 13 was gone forever. To make sure this never happened again, the Capital created The Hunger Games where each district every year {not the Capitol of coarse} got a girl and a boy (called 'the Tributes') out of each district and they all have to fight to the DEATH. If they don't kill each other, then thats when the Capital brings out the obstacles like:
Wolf looking creatures - made out of the personality {but a lot more vicious} and the eyes of dead tributes. 
Tracker Jackers- bee looking things that if you get stung or hurt by them you will probably die. 
Jabberjay - These birds are made to copy what people say and are used in the games. They get the birds to do a scream of a loved one so the Tributes get very upset.
Fog- The Capital gets a fog that makes the tribuets weaker and have no strength and also it kills these tributes.
Monkey creatures - Orange monkeys that will use their claws to rip apart Tributes.

In The Hunger Games Primrose Everdeen's name got called out at the reaping and Katniss volunteered for her 12 year old sister Prim. That's how she became district 12's first girl winner and a hero to her people. A Tribute never has to go back into the reaping once they win. Until now.

Catching Fire has the Capital change the rules and decide that they want 'the girl on fire' back, so for the first time ever they put all people that have won the games before in the reaping and that only means one thing - Katniss is going back to the Capital. 

This book has a HUGE twist at the end of it.

I rate this book out of 5 paper dolls... 

todays paper doll is of Katniss Everdeen 

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