Jul 8, 2012


Reviewed by Milly 14yrs. old - Book Reviewer and Sometimes Baker

Graceling by Kristin Cashore is an exciting and enticing fantasy that starts with a girl in a fantasy realm called The Seven Kingdoms. Katsa is almost like every other girl, except for the fact that she has a talent for killing things. This is an interesting trait, but she is left with the notion that it's every person for themselves. She is a Gracling. Graclings are just people who have a special gift, some more useful then others. You can tell a graced person by their eyes, they are different colours. One day Katsa meets a boy with the most spectacular eyes, one silver and one gold. The day she meets Po? That's the day her life changes. 

Katsa has always been an obedient assassin and thug for her greedy uncle, the Kind of her realm, but Po makes Katsa start to question her role. When Katsa disobeys the King for the first time, she now finds herself an outlaw on the run. She may as well follow Po on his mission to stop an evil Gracling. 

I liked Katsa, she is brave, strong and willing to do anything to protect her friends. She is really inspiring. All the characters in this novel were well developed, like Bitterblue, even though she's a little kid and traumatised, she has moments of strength. Po seems to be a lighthearted character, but he will be tested.

This thrilling action is so fast paced, you won't want to put the book down (I know I didn't). The thing that stood out about it compared to other fantasy stories is it's written from the point of view of not only a girl, but a girl who is a warrior at heart. I love this amazing book and I give it out of 5 paper dolls:

I will definitely be reading Fire and Bitterblue in this series!
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