Apr 28, 2011


Reviewed by Tilly 9yrs tween book Reviewer and Sometimes Writer.

Bunnicula is a book about a dog named Harold, a bunny named Bunnicula and a cat named Chester.

About the main characters...
Harold - Dog, dumb and likes to go into Toby's (one of his owners) bedroom.

Bunnicula -  Vampire bunny who looks adorable, was found at picture theatre (during the movie Dracula of course). Also sleeps at day and is awake at  night.

Chester - Cat who likes to read and probably is the only one in that house who can answer Harold's  dumb questions (also enjoys insulting Harold a lot).

There are 3 books in the audiobook collection of Bunnicula. The 1st one is called Bunnicula, once the family finds and adopts this bunny, Chester suspects he is a vampire! Chester tries all sorts of ways to get rid of Bunnicular (even a stake/steak through the heart!). The 2nd is Howliday Inn, Chester and Harold are sent to a boarding kennel for pets, while they're there a poodle goes missing and Chester suspects she's dead. There's a mystery to solve. The 3rd book is The Celery Stalks at Midnight, in this book, it's Bunnicula that goes missing and there might be evil vegetables! The books all have an editors note which is quite weird to me, I've never seen this before, the editor tells how he got the books from Harold (the dog).

Bunnicula is an average  bunny? but he's a vampire. So he's an average vampire except he doesn't drink blood he drinks VEGETABLES!
Harold is a typical dog? but  he can write (and he loves chocolate cupcakes with a cream middle).
And Chester is an average cat? but Chester is smart and he can read.

These stories are kind of horror stories (but not too scary) and funny at the same time. 

I really like these books especially the the second book, Howliday Inn but they are all good. 

The cover at the top is for the book for the first story, the other two are:

I rate this book... 

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