Apr 22, 2011

How to be a pirate

Reviwed by Tilly 9yrs. old - Tween Book Reviewer and Sometimes Writer.

How to be a Pirate is about a boy called Hicup Horendess Hadock the III. In this book Hicup has to get a treasure and return back to Berk with the rest of the Tribe. But, on the way he has to find out who's the surprise guest at Berk and if Hicup's Great Grandfather is the body in the coffin they find at the Pirate training program. At first Hicup has a little trouble with his sword fighting but soon he figures out what's wrong. I'll let you work that one out.

This time the Tribe gets attacked on the way home, losing their boat 'The Lucky 13' as it catches on fire (this boat dosen't sound that lucky). Hicup gets left on the boat and this leads him to more problems, of course, involving dragons. So, will Hicup and Fishlegs find the treasure? I'll let you find out.

How to be a Pirate is the 2nd book in the How to Train your Dragon series.

I rate this book...

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