Mar 16, 2012

Little Manfred

Reviewed By Tilly 10yr. old Book Reviewer and Sometimes Writer

We're back!

After moving from Yass to Brisbane, my sister and I have been busy settling into our new schools - which we LOVE! But I've missed my blog, and Milly has too, so here you go with our first review this year:

For today, I am going to review the book Little Manfred by Michael Morpurgo. Little Manfred is about a 12yr. old girl named Charley and the Manfreds in her life. Turns out to be a few.

Charley's mother, Grace, had a wooden toy dog she loved which she had named Little Manfred. Charley loved that toy too, so much that she named their real dog (a border collie, just like my dog, Zoe) Manfred. But when Charley and her 7yr. old brother meet a stranger on the beach, she discovers her mother has a past. 

Now Charley has lots of questions. Who is this Walter from Germany? Who was Little Manfred named after? And, who was Marty? But most of all - what happened to Manfred?

This book was really good, it's an easy read and I found out some things about the war. It's interesting and a little sad, but cheerful too. I can recommend Little Manfred. Even though it was a small chapter book, I did expect something more from the story. Not sure why. You might not have heard of this story before but you probably know another book Michael Morpurgo wrote:

This book is right next to my bed and I'm about to start reading it... hope I don't cry! I'll let you know what I think.

 Anyway, I rate Little Manfred this out of five paper dolls...

Today's paper doll is an army woman (read the book and you'll understand why):

And if you're curious, here's my border collie, Zoe. I love her lots!

And more on books with dogs, my mum's new book is out and you can buy it on Amazon. That's so cool! She says we can't review it because we're related :( but have a look at the trailer, I'm going to make one for it too.

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