Jan 14, 2013

Of Mice and Men

Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck
Reviewed by Milly (14)

Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck is a  tragic book about the life of a pair of migrant workers and their dreams.

You see the pair of men first on their way to work. The bus driver dropped them off 14 miles from the barn so they spent the rest of the day walking when they finally rest at the side of a water bed. In the book the place they stopped is described in the book with very descriptive and almost poetically by Steinbeck. Here is an example of his style of writing: 'On one side of the river the golden foothill slops curve up to the strong and rocky Gabilan mountains, but on the valley side the water is lined with trees-willows fresh and green with every spring, carrying in their lower leaf junctures the debris of the winter's flooding; and sycamores with mottled, white, recumbent limbs and branches that arch over the pool.'

 After the text above it introduces Lennie and George as opposites but, they still manage to have a bond as tight as brothers. George, a realist, is smaller and weaker than Lennie, but he is the smarter one. Lennie, on the other hand, is a huge guy with a brain as big as a peanut and the strength of a lion. Lennie is a dreamer.

Lennie forgot everything he was ever told but always remembered the story about the rabbits. The story is dream that the pair shared to rise there hopes. It starts off by George saying that men like themselves are lonely as hell cause they got no one and have no home to go to. But not them cause, as Lennie said excitedly, "I've got you and you got me an were gonna get a house together with chickens and a cow and rabbits and I can tend to them and grow alfalfa for them!".

The book Of Mice and Men has the theme of belonging and people's rights. It shows this mainly through the characters Cooks, a dark-skinned man, and  Curly's Wife, who likes talking to the other workers.The time this book was based there were little to no rights for women and black people. For example, Cooks was to sleep in the stables cause he was black and he was so lonely because no one would talk to him. Curly's wife is also lonely because she is not allowed to talk to anyone other than her husband (who is not a nice guy). That is all because of how they look and their gender. They also show how unwelcome Curly's wife is--through the whole book no one mentions  her name because it didn't matter, all they needed to know was she's Curly's wife.

This book made me cry and cry (I still cry if anyone mentions the end) but it was worth it. Steinbeck is an amazing writer and  makes you create a bond with each character. When Mum told me I should read it I said ok, but I was not expecting this piece of art. If you haven't read this book yet then you NEED to read it.

I rate this book out of 5 paper dolls: 

I LOVE THIS BOOK! but I don't think I could read it again, too sad.

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