Dec 3, 2012

Phyllis Wong and the forgotten secrets of Mr Okyto

Phyllis Wong and the Forgotten Secrets of Mr Okyto by Geoffrey McSkimming
Reviewed by Tilly

This book is AMAZING! I am usually very fussy about what I like to read because I get bored easily, but the whole way through this book was brilliant and I can't wait for the second book to come out.

The Characters in this book are...
 * Phyllis Wong  {the main character, Phyllis loves magic she is very good at being a magician because her grandfather was one too}
* Clement {Phyllis's best  friend, Clement loves gadgets and his family own an appliance store}
*Daisy {Phyllis's dog and she would do anything for Phyllis]
*Chief Inspector  Barry Inglis {he is an officer and also one of Phyllis's friends}
*Harvey {Phyllis's dad}
*Minette {one of Phyllis's friends and Minette is a belly dancer}
*Mrs Lowerblast {owns the shop of the first stolen item and is one of Phyllis's friends}
All the characters are great in my opinon. Phyllis is the best character, but I love all of the characters because each character is unique. They all have their own traits and are quite funny. Phyllis is a very likable character, she has lots of friends!
This story is set in a big city. Phyllis lives in a huge apartment with it's own personal theatre, where she performs her magic tricks.

Phyllis is a good magician, but is there someone better? Someone using their skills to steal? A theif acomplishing the impossible, like making the famous Van Rockechild necklace just disapear or switching somthing right in front of sombody's eyes without them noticing. Phyllis decides to solve the mystery because the first crime happens in Mrs Lowerblast's antique store and she is another friend of Phyllis. The genre of this book is mystery--a crime, but also the mystery of magic.

I rate this book out of 5...

Phyllis Wong and the forgotten secrets of Mr Okyto is a great read and personally it is my favorite book.

The paper doll I chose today is x-mas themed a Santa paper doll:

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