Mar 12, 2013

Sunshine's Ghost

Hello everybody I just wanted to show you a story I wrote for my mum's new writing club for kids (if you live in Brisbane and you are interested, then it's on every 2nd Tuesday for (10-13) and every 2nd Thursday of the month for (13-17) you can book by calling Black Cat Books and Cafe). It's really fun! Here is the URL for Black Cat Books and Cafe:

With this story, we had to include words as they were called out, to make it a little tricky. I've made the key words bold for you to see.

So here is my story:

Sunshine was scared of the ghost behind the straw in the garage. He was a yellowish coloured ghost and had no shoes on. He had a beard and bright red eyes but he made her giggle whenever she walked past him.
"Stop it and just go away" Sunshine screamed at the ghost. His tummy rumbled. Then it was dark and Sunshine was at a small creek. She heard the noise of the ghost, but this time Sunshine was the one with no shadow or heart, she could not run away anymore. It was Sunshine who was now the ghost behind the straw.

Thanks for letting me share my story! I know I haven't reviewed for a little while, but I'll be back soon with a new review.

Here is Sunshine's paper doll...

- Tilly :)

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