May 31, 2011


Reviewed by Milly 13 yrs. old - Book Reviewer and Sometimes Baker
Maximum Ride
by James Patterson is a popular YA novel about group of 6 kids who run away from a government facility called 'The School'. They try to build a safe house, knowing they will never be normal again or have a normal life. Or will they? And is their safe house as safe as they think?
Today though, I am reviewing the graphic novel adaptation. I personally think this is an awesome book. It is a an adventure to save the youngest in their clan, Angel. And the kids might find some friends along the way. The story is quite funny too. Oh, I forgot to mention, there is something a little bit different about these kids -- when they were babies 'The School' put bird DNA into their bodies so they had lighter bones, and... wings. So, of course, they can FLY!
The illustrations by Narae Lee are awesome - Max looks really pretty. The characters are portrayed in a manga style with beautiful large eyes. If you're a fan of the novel, check out the graphic novel.
I rate the manga adaptation out of 5 paper dolls:
Next weekend my family and I are going to SUPERNOVA! Which is a pop-culture expo, where you dress up as a popular character from a book, tv show, movie or anything. I am going as Katniss Everdeen! I decided to give the book another go and now I love it. Click info for more information.
Teen Read
Next thursday I will also be joining Teen Read. a reading group for teens at my local library. We all read... you guessed it, The Hunger Games. So this time I had to finish the book (I'm glad I did - but more on that later).
My recipe for you this week is one of my favourites to make - I've made up lots of different variations, but here is one I do a fair bit:
Cheesy-Italian Sausage Rolls
The perfect thing to have for dinner after a long week is some yummy sausage rolls.
1/4 of a cup of tomato sauce
1/4 of a cup of basil
500g of mince
200g of pizza plus cheese
4 diced tomatos
12 - more puff pastry sheets
large bowl
2 - 3 oven trays lined with baking paper
wooden spoon
Put mince, cheese, tomato, sauce and basil and stir until it is mixed in.leave pastry to thaw. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees celsius.
Cut pastry sheets in half and put mixed ingredients on the sheets. Roll sheets up.
Cut rolled sheets into 4 and put them on a tray. Place a dollop of ricotta on each one and sprinkle with paprika.
Put in the oven from 15 min. or until pastry has puffed and is golden brown.
Put on a tray to cool then enjoy!

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