Sep 5, 2010


Reviewed by Milly, 12yrs. old - Teen Book Reviewer and Sometimes Baker
STORMBREAKER by Anthony Horowitz is an entertaining book about a spy, just like James Bond, his name is Alex Rider. Alex is just 14 years old. It is an action story (of course).

Alex's uncle acted as a spy for the government, but when he dies, it seems only Alex can fill his shoes. All the way through this story, Alex is always in trouble or danger. I listened to this one on my iPod as an audio book and it kept my attention. But, I love James Bond movies too (so this one is just closer to my own age).

It is a pretty good book but some parts weren't as good (but I would read another) so I gave this book out of five dolls:
Dear Readers
I'm very sorry that I haven't had enough time to post a blog recently I hope you will forgive me and my sister (Tilly). We are going to try to get more posts up now :-) 
PS - I also owe you a yummy recipe! I'm heading off to my cookbooks now.

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