Aug 29, 2011


Reviewed by Tilly 10yr. old Book Reviewer and Sometimes Writer

Toppling is about a boy named John who is addicted to dominos. His best friend in the story, Dom, gets cancer. 

This story is about friendship. John gets sad and worried for his friend Dominick. We've been reading this novel in my classroom, and a lot of John's story happens at his school and in his year 6 classroom.

John says the best thing about his school is his mates. The next best thing? Lilly, a girl he likes. School becomes less fun for John when Dom stops coming because he's too sick. John goes to visit Dom in the hospital but doesn't recognise his friend at first because he looked so pale and thin... and he was bald! This is the first time in John's life he had to deal with a possibility of a death.

This novel gets serious in parts but does have some funny and happy moments.

I thought it was an okay book. My favourite part was the ending, I thought it was really funny but I won't spoil it for you. Some parts of the book were a bit slow.

I rate this book out of 5 paper dolls...

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