Jun 28, 2011

Hex Hall

Reviewed by Milly 13 yrs. old - Book Reviewer and Sometimes Baker
Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins is a novel about a girl (I mean Witch) who uses a love spell and... well, it went wrong. Really wrong. So she was sent to Hecate, a boarding school for witches, warlocks, shape-shifters and fairies (the kids call it Hex Hall) as a punishment. But everything is not how it seems. Not too long ago a student had her blood drained. Oh, and the best part is Sophie's roommate, Jenna, is a vampire.
Hex hall is a mystery/fantasy. I would like to say which it is more than the other, but, it is equally a mystery as it is a fantasy.
This is an awesome book but it got a bit boring towards the middle. So I give it out of 5 paper dolls:
One of the main reasons that I didn't give it a 4 is because there is no cat even though it is clearly featured on the cover and is also on the second book cover as well. A black cat would have definitely scored an extra doll. However, even without the cat, I will still read the next book in the series, Demon Glass.

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