Mar 15, 2011

The Garden Of Empress Cassia

Reviewed by Tilly 9yrs. old - Tween Book Reviewer and Sometimes Writer

The Garden of Empress Cassia is about a girl called Mimi who lives in a smelly shop. Mimi's family was Chinese, so that made her half Chinese (she lives in Australia). Mimi loves to draw, but her dad did not like her to draw. One day her art teacher, Miss O'Dell, gave her some pastels: The Garden of Empress Cassia pastels. Then her life changed forever.

This book is good, I find that it needs the numbers of the chapters (I think it should have this because people like to know how many chapters in the book and how many they've read). But what I like about the book is there are great pictures and there are good names for the chapters, for instance, one of them is called Awakening the Dragon. Who doesn't like a dragon?

I rate this book...

Here is my paper doll for you to print and cut out:

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