Jun 8, 2010


Reviewed by Tilly, 8yrs. old - Tween Book Reviewer and Sometimes Writer
My Sister The Vampire is a series of books about two girls Ivy and Olivia, who look totally different to each other, but under all the make up these girls are identical twins! This is surprising because Olivia is a cheerleader and Ivy is a vampire and a bit goth.
You'll have to read the book to find out how one twin could be a vampire.
This book had a little bit of romance for Ivy, but it is mostly a fantasy. This is not a horror story because the vampires are not scary and they don't drink human blood. They do have to wear a special sunscreen and heal super-quickly.
The girls become close and sometimes switch places. This is a fun girly book. Not many boys would be interested. My friend was reading it first and I had to wait ages to get a copy because the bookstore kept selling out. A good book for young readers.
I rate this book (number 1 in the series):
This week I have a goth paper doll link for you:


The Alliterative Allomorph said...

Goth paper dolls! How cool! Why didn't any of those exist when I was a kid? :(

Kathi Oram Peterson said...

Hmm... The book sounds very interesting. Thanks for reviewing it! BTW: love your blog!

Nicole MacDonald said...

Ooooo I'm so printing out the goth paper dolls - how cool!

Anonymous said...

I keep seeing this book in the Scholastic book club and wondered what it would be like. Now I know :o) Thanks.

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